Prelude to Thoughts on “Turning Tech Hobbies into Side Hustle”

This is a bit of inception. A post on a post on a post.

For a while, I have been thinking that it might be worthwhile to try writing some shorter posts inspired by other blog articles I have read. During the week I read Erik Dietrich’s post Turning Tech Hobbies into Side Hustle and later sat down to write some thoughts it had inspired. I wrote 403 words, but they didn’t come very easily, lacked purpose and in the end I didn’t think they were worth sharing.

I think I’m still finding a balance between planning and writing off the cuff. Hopefully, as I go, I am reducing the amount of planning required for a good post. Eventually I realised that what might be worth writing about is analysing whether what I have done recently has been productive or a hobby.

So I am sitting down again to try and write something based on that. Fingers crossed it goes better than my last attempt. I am not sure that I will post that article tonight, which is disappointing as I was hoping to post something earlier than Sunday night this week and maybe even get two posts out.

Prelude to Thoughts on “Turning Tech Hobbies into Side Hustle”