Some reflection

I don’t have a specific topic to blog about this week, but I wanted to continue with publishing a post weekly, so this week I am writing a reflective piece.

When I set myself the goal of posting weekly I was aiming to

  • increase the quality of my writing
  • reduce the time it takes for me to write a post
  • share more information

Weekly blogging has been enjoyable, but when I think about what I am aiming to achieve I am not sure that I am progressing as well as I could be. Maybe that is because I didn’t specifically articulate the three points.

Personally judging whether my writing has improved is difficult. To improve the quality I think I should start getting regular review and feedback on my posts and I think there is two types of feedback I should look to get. The first is just general feedback on my writing e.g. spelling and grammar. The second, and probably more important, is whether my posts are clear and easy to understand and follow.

I haven’t been tracking the time it takes me to blog accurately, but I do think I have gotten faster at writing posts. The slow parts have been the researching and learning when I am writing about something new, and I learnt during the Selenium series that I should not try and preempt the posts, but instead learn and then write about what I learnt.

The last point is a bit vague and while it seems that I am sharing more information by blogging weekly, that is not how I was thinking about it. So far most of my blog posts have been technically orientated and describe the solution to a problem. What I want to get better at sharing are the things that do not have a solution or a right answer e.g. how I’ve hired developers, how I manage my team and building the product. I have been working on posts for those topics alongside other things and have found it harder to write about them. I am finding that it takes more thought on how to write about them to ensure those posts are clear and not just some ramblings. So while the aim is vague, once I get some of those topics on the blog I will be happier about progressing towards it.

Overall, while this has turned out to be a bit of a critical post (when is reflection not critical), I am happy with how it has been going. There is satisfaction in seeing the number of views my blog gets daily steadily increasing over time as I add more and more content to it. That said if I was just after views, I’d be blogging entirely about JavaScript probably specifically React and Webpack. My most popular post is far and away TypeScript to ES2015 (ES6) to ES5 via Babel 6 which I realise now I wrote a whole year ago. It must be extremely out of date by now!

Some reflection