Happy New Year!

We’re already a week into 2017. There are a few milestones coming up for me this year. I will be turning 30 later in the year and I will also reach a decade in software development (I graduated from university and started my first software job in Nov 2007).

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing some reflection and have decided that a big objective for me this year is to get more out of my involvement in the developer community. I regularly attend events and meetups, and from these I have learnt a lot and have met of great people, but this year I want to do more to promote my and One Model’s brand. To achieve this I have come up with 2 goals for the year.

1. Deliver a talk at a meetup

I attend a lot of meetups and they all rely on the community for presentations and it is time I gave back and help provide some content. To be fair I have volunteered to speak before, but this year I need to make sure it happens.

2. Post a blog each week

This aim of this is not quantity over quality, but to get myself thinking about blogging more and to increase my efficiency at writing blog posts. This should encourage me to share more and I may even be able to develop the talk from my blog content. I have several drafts of posts and a bunch of ideas and it is time to get these published.

These aren’t the only things I want to achieve this year, but if I get to the end of the year and haven’t fulfilled these I’ll be disappointed.