September Meetup Round-Up

I’m a regular attendee of several meetup groups in Brisbane and I went to 6 in September. To help promote the meetups I’m going to start writing up a summary of the meetups I attend and some of the things I picked up from them. If you’re able to attend a meetup I’d recommend it, they’re a great way to learn from others and get involved in the community. I’ve actually signed up to another 3 groups in the last day, so I’ll be going to plenty more in the future.

Australian Latin American Entrepreneurial Network

This was a new one for me. The meetup started this earlier this year and I discovered and attended it through an invitation from Josh, the organiser. As a fairly new meetup it was a small group, but there was interesting mix of people from different backgrounds. This was probably the first non-tech meetup I’ve attended, and it was great to meet some new people.

BrisJS – Brisbane JavaScript

My highlight was Sheng Zhao’s talk on his Knot.js and Cascade Binding Sheets. I can understand his desire to have clean and simple HTML markup, but at the same time I wonder if it would work as well as CSS do or if removing the bindings from the markup will make bindings harder to reason about. I would need to experiment with it and a lot probably depends on how complicated the HTML and bindings are.

Brisbane Azure User Group

This month was all about Azure Service Bus. The first session was a bit of a deep dive into some unknown features by Dan Toomey and following that Mike van Raders from Inspect Real Estate shared their experience setting up caching and keeping data in sync.

Brisbane .NET User Group

Medhi Khalili shared his experiences from several projects working with microservices, with a focus on the challenges of a microservice architecture, which are often only quickly mentioned. I found especially worthwhile the discussion on how to handle the service contracts and his thoughts that you should always start with a monolith (a topic I’ve seen a fair amount of debate over).

DevOps Brisbane

The DevOps Brisbane meetup is my favourite in Brisbane at the moment. The talks are high quality and have been very relevant with what I have been working on recently. The highlight for me was Matt Callanan talking about Expedia’s tool Primer that handles their microservice deployments. I hadn’t seen the DevOps toolchain Matt referenced in his slides and that was a great takeaway for me to read more about.

Amazon Web Services – Brisbane User Group

I was a little bit disappointed by this month’s meetup and didn’t get as much from it as I have from previous ones. It was interesting hearing from RedEye Apps and chatting to them afterwards, but it took a bit of effort from the crowd to draw out the real gems from them.

September Meetup Round-Up