Post Techstars

It’s taken me far too long to write this blog post. It’s almost been two months since I got back home from Austin and Techstars. I have to make room for writing blog posts in my home rhythm. Today is a public holiday here in Brisbane and I am making myself sit here and finally write this post.

The Techstars program was an awesome experience. I won’t go into detail about what actually happened during the program because Wonders, one of our cohort from the program whose great storytelling app you should check out, have a great write up that does a far better job than I could describing our experience.

For me personally the program was great for developing my entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. I had previously participated in a couple of entrepreneur/business programs while at school, but since then got a little too caught up in my career. I had a couple of ideas during that time, but didn’t have desire or courage to follow them. Co-founding One Model and participating in the Techstars program has rekindled this part of me.

Another thing I have taken from the experience is the importance of community. As Brandon Marker describes, community is a big part of what makes Techstars. I have come back to Brisbane with an endeavour to be more involved in the local scene. To kick this off I went to the final pitches for Startup Weekend Brisbane at River City Labs and I want to attend more events like this and look for opportunities to get involved.

I can always draw motivation and inspiration from the people I met during my time in Austin and I look forward to the next time I see them.

Post Techstars